Saturday, November 14, 2009

I spend half an hour with Wonder Woman

This Thursday evening I drove from Denver to Colorado Springs to have dinner with some classmates. I left early to visit with a friend who is also a wonderful poet. Lois Hayna had published five books of poetry and has another book of 80 poems ready for a publisher. She's having some trouble getting it published because of the economy and the fact that not many people read poetry or buy books of poetry.

I spent half an hour visiting with Lois and talking about poetry and how she got her start getting her poetry published. Lois and I were in a critique group a dozen years ago when I lived in Colorado Springs, and she was and is my inspiration for writing poetry. Her work is really good. Here's a poem from her last book, published in 2005. 

Dark Mischief

The antic shadow of the crow
clowns the crow's path
shape-shifting across lawns,
leveling along pavement, scrambling
in swift and comic angles over obstacles.
Mimic and mindless,
it speeds it carbon route, shredding
and reuniting seamlessly as the crow
follows his black agenda. Then
it vaults in crazy angles up 
the wall, arriving exactly 
as the crow arrives, barely in time
to dart under and vanish
at the precise moment that the crow
tucks his wings.

The bird's unflappable, he perches
in charge of his world.
His shadow has to catch its breath.

Isn't that a wonderful poem. Can't you see the shadow of the crow flashing on lawns, bushes, sidewalks, and finally coming to rest on the wall when the crow lands? 

Oh, I guess that I didn't mention that Lois will be 97 this coming January. That's why I called her Wonder Woman in the title of this blog. She's spry, more alert than many twenty years younger. She is absolutely amazing. An inspiration to me and all who know her. She was named Colorado Springs Poet Laureate Emerita this past year and was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters from Regis University here in Denver.