Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mostly for the birds

Well, this has been a long winter, and it's not yet over. I guess I should be happy we don't live in the midwest or northeast where it has been even colder than here in Denver. But this winter seems to deliver cold and snow and then slowly warm until we have a spring-like day, only to turn cold and snowy again. My poetry has been reduced to mostly haiku. Perhaps my mind has frozen some?

The heating bills have thawed my mind, though. Whoa!! Glad there's not a natural gas shortage as there is a propane shortage. The bills would be out of sight. Would have to sell the wife to pay the heating bills. We wouldn't get enough for me.

Here are several haiku written during one particularly cold spell.

minus thirteen  
even the snow is cold —
steam pipes singing

But the winter has not been so bad as it has not had some of its own beauty:

orange sunrise 
promises warmer day —
a house finch sings

against bright blue sky
sparkle of breeze scattered snow
peach tree seems to bloom

And my thoughts have turned with hope to the coming spring:

sleeping pasque flowers
deep in the snow covered ground —
they too dream of spring

And the cold nights have had their own beauty:

brilliant white light
dazzles through bare branches — 
winter full moon

In the winter cold, birds seems to be more noticeable. The trees don't hide them from sight and their songs in the winter quiet do tend to cheer one up. 

gray bird   single note
from top of winter bare elm
Townsend's solitaire

snow sifting
through dark pine branches
oh! the cardinal

I didn't see the cardinal. We don't have them around here very much. I was reading a poem written by a friend and wrote this haiku to celebrate her poem. But we do have lots of English or House sparrows around here and they gather in the hedges and bushes and squabble a lot.

how do the sparrows
live through bitter winter cold —
heated arguments 

Then this morning as I walked back from dropping my car off at a local garage for some engine work, I head a flicker with its insane-like chattering from a nearby tree.

a flicker chatters
a second drums on a pole —
late winter sounds 

But these days like yesterday, a spring-like day with temps in the 60s and bright blue skies give hope to us as we shiver today when it's back down in the 30s. Last night the temperature dropped 30 degrees from 64 to 32 in less than an hour as a cold front moved in. But there is hope.

fuchsia sunrise
brings thoughts of impatiens —
snow tomorrow

bright red sunrise
ending gray gloomy days
hint of springtime

And so as they say "hope springs eternal." I'm not so much interested in the eternal as I am about the spring. Let's hope this is the last blast of winter.